Perform well with the right Sports Sunglasses

Polarised sunglasses have long been popular with fisherman and ‘boaties’ because they reduce the amount of glare reflected off the water. With an increase in sporting facilities, a wider range of sports have become more accessible and many of the outdoor sports have discovered the benefits of using polarised sports sunglasses.

The manufacturers of sports sunglasses now offer a wide range of styles for sports such as skiing, golf, biking and jogging as well as for the water activities. Users of sports sunglasses can now benefit from a clearer view with the elimination of glare. A pair of good quality sports sunglasses can make all the difference between performing well and just playing.

Sports sunglasses are now very much tailored for particular sports. Using the basic polarising effect of the lenses, makers of sports sunglasses have developed the optimum style of frame suited to each sport. A range of coloured lenses have also been developed that, when used with polarised lenses, optimise the sports sunglasses for a particular sport.

Fishing sports sunglasses: Can be in a traditional style of frame, such as the ‘Aviator’or, more recently, a wrap around style has become popular. Fishermen are often in the sun for many hours so it is important that fishing sunglasses have high UV elimination properties, to give maximum eye protection. A range of coloured lenses have been developed for particular conditions. Yellow is good for seeing the bottom in shallow water, brown is good for contrast and low light conditions and grey is good for spotting fish in deeper water.

Skiing sports sunglasses: curved polycarbonate lenses in a wrap around, durable frame. They are often secured to the head with a headband. The lenses are usually tinted to reduce the glare from the sun. These tints vary enormously, with a variety of colours and mirror effects. Skiing sunglasses are very much a fashion statement.

Golf sports sunglasses: hardwearing, lightweight frames with either brown coloured lenses, to enhance depth perception and contrast, or lavender coloured lenses, which are good for variable light.

Biking sports sunglasses: curved lenses with a wrap around frame to protect the eyes from wind etc. The frame for biking sunglasses should be lightweight and shock absorbent. The best overall lenses colour is grey, which enhances colours and road contours. Brown lenses are good in bright conditions and clear lenses are suitable for poor light.

Jogging sports sunglasses: curved lenses with a lightweight, wrap around frame to protect the eyes from wind etc. It is important that jogging sunglasses stay secure even whilst sweating and they are often fitting with ventilated rubbers nose grips. The best overall lenses colour is grey. Brown lenses are suitable for brightness and clear lenses are suited to dull conditions, such as dawn or dusk.

Now you are all set to go out and get your pair of sports sunglasses.