Why Use Polarised Sunglasses?

Polarised sunglasses have become very popular for use in certain outdoor activities and also as essential fashion accessories. Whilst they are often more expensive than conventional sunglasses, some consumers have a preference for polarised sunglasses because they selectively block glare rather than dimming the whole field of vision, which, in some situations, can be dangerous.

Normally, reflected light is chaotic and travels in all directions. However when light strikes a horizontal surface it becomes highly polarized on the horizontal plane and this creates glare. Polarised sunglasses only allow vertically polarized light through the lenses and this has the effect of counteracting the reflected glare. The degree of efficiency in the reduction of glare does depend on the angle of the sun. Polarised sunglasses are most efficient when the sun is at an angle of 37 degrees to the horizon (Brewster’s Angle) but glare will be limited by the polarized filters when the sun is at an altitude between 30 and 60 degrees.

Polarised sunglasses have been popular for many years with fisherman and boat users. Continued glare from the water can result in significant discomfort and fatigue and may even damage the eyes. Other outdoor sports enthusiasts are now taking advantage of the glare reduction and increased clarity afforded by polarised sunglasses. Sunglass manufacturers now make specific models of sports sunglasses designed for a wide range of activities such as various water sports, driving, skiing, cycling, running, golf and roller blading. Different coloured lenses are often used to enhance the polarizing effect, depending on the activity being undertaken.

Many polarized lenses are now available combined with other features such as bifocal and progressive lenses that can enhance the outdoor experience for those who have difficulty with their vision. For those who want the convenience of polarised sunglasses but not the expense of a custom pair, there are suncovers and clipon lenses available for use over prescription glasses. Also, polarised sunglasses are available with polarized photochromic lenses, which change from being dark outside to light inside and these are suitable for people who are frequently in and out of the sun on any given day. All these features are designed to help you enjoy your life outdoors.

The rich and famous invariably influence what is in fashion. This has been so with polarised sunglasses for many years. A stylish pair of fashion sunglasses has been an essential accessory for any celebrity. One enduring style has been the “Aviator” pattern that was introduced by Ray-Ban in 1936.